Handling high balances: Helping patients manage their payment responsibility

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Date: Wednesday, April 5
Time: 1PM ET / 10AM PT 
Duration: 45 minutes
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About The Webinar

Procedures that cost patients over $200 make up only a quarter of all commercially insured patient obligations, but they represent nearly half of all balances that go uncollected. With the importance this revenue has on your specialty practice’s bottom line, how can you be proactive and support patients to pay on time?

Join us on Wednesday, April 5 at 1PM ET (10AM PT) as we discuss how to get ahead of high-balance claims by helping patients pay them in a way that is comfortable, convenient and less burdensome for staff. Andrew Cho, Practice Administrator at Advanced Vision Care, and Liz Acosta, COO at Carrell Clinic, a division of OrthoLoneStar will share how they’re communicating with patients about significant charges, helping them make a plan to pay and making it easy to make payments on time.

Attendees will learn:

  • How digital payment tools can help improve collections for high-balance claims

  • Best practices for setting up patient payment plans

  • Strategies for automating payment collection before, during and after the visit



Liz Acosta
Chief Operating Officer, Carrell Clinic, a division of OrthoLoneStar

Andrew Cho
Practice Administrator, Advanced Vision Care