Automating E&B: How to reduce staff burden and get ahead of denials  

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Date: Wednesday, September 20th
Time: 1PM ET / 10AM PT 
Duration: 45 minutes
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About The Webinar

Verifying patients’ insurance eligibility and benefits is crucial to preventing claims denials. But manually checking E&B for each patient wastes staff time and introduces room for human error. What if there was a better way?  

Join us on Wednesday, September 20, at 1PM ET (10AM PT) as we discuss the benefits of automating E&B verification and share how improvements to the intake process can help prevent claims denials. Michelle Russell, Administrator at Midwest ENT Centre; and Angela Macleod, Practice Manager at Genesis Spine Joint & Regenerative Medicine; will discuss how automated E&B verification is saving staff time, improving data accuracy and ensuring patients are covered for their visit before they walk into the office. They’ll also share how they’ve improved their intake process to avoid common errors that can lead to denials.

Attendees will learn:

  • See how automated E&B verification works
  • Learn why it's important to verity insurance multiple times before a visit
  • Hear how improvements to the E&B verification process can improve the patient and staff experience



Michelle Russell


Midwest ENT Centre

Angela Macleod

Practice Manager

Genesis Spine Joint &

Regenerative Medicine