The cost of cancelled appointments: How to prevent open slots and recapture lost revenue  

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Date: Wednesday, October 11
Time: 1PM ET / 10AM PT 
Duration: 45 minutes
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About The Webinar

Missed and unused appointment slots cost the U.S. healthcare system a whopping $150 billion a year. How can provider organizations get ahead of cancellations and avoid lost revenue?  

Join us on Wednesday, October 11 at 1PM ET (10AM PT) to learn what to do to prevent last-minute cancellations and quickly fill gaps in your schedule when they occur. Since manually maintaining a waitlist can be a labor-intensive, time-consuming process, technology can help healthcare organizations quickly offer patients appointments that otherwise likely wouldn’t be filled. Erika Delarm, Practice Administrator, Women’s Health and Surgery Center, and Holly Searcy, Director of Clinic Operations, HeartPlace, will discuss how they’re encouraging patients to confirm their visit and recapturing appointment cancellations without burdening their staff.

Attendees will learn:

  • Learn how an automated schedule-management tool prevents lost revenue by quickly filling cancelled appointment slots
  • Gain best practices for encouraging patients to confirm their appointments sooner 
  • Hear about the role digital patient intake plays in reducing last-minute cancellations



Erika Delarm, LPN, CMOM 

Practice Administrator

Women's Health and Surgery


Holly Seracy, MBHA

Director of Clinic Operations