The Inside Scoop: What Practices Can Expect in 2018

Understanding trends is key to your medical practice planning. In this webinar, Elizabeth Woodcock shares her predictions and tips for 2018.
Clinical Operations Webinar

“The times are a changin’.” This mantra rings true for every practice across the U.S. Instability seems to be the norm, from the commercial payer market to Medicare. Never before has the business of medical practice been so challenging—yet knowledge is power. Getting the “inside scoop” on the trends impacting your practice is key to your success in navigating this sea of change.

In this timely webinar, Elizabeth Woodcock, a nationally recognized expert on medical practice management, operations and revenue cycle, will share her predictions and tips for the coming year, including how to prepare for the second year of MACRA, best practices for managing increasing patient financial responsibility, and opportunities for leveraging technology to increase efficiency and profitability.