October 23, 2012 — News

Phreesia Continues Path of Clinical Innovation with New Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Ralph Gonzales

Dr. Gonzales helps Phreesia develop new clinical applications as it continues to expand its platform to engage patients and drive improved health outcomes.

New York, N.Y.— October 23, 2012—Phreesia is proud to appoint Ralph Gonzales, MD, MSPH, as Chief Medical Advisor. Dr. Gonzales, general internist and professor of medicine, epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), advises Phreesia as it continues to bridge the gap between patient check-in and clinical engagement by harnessing its proprietary technology to engage patients at the point of care. 

Dr. Gonzales has been at the forefront of patient engagement, having focused his research on the development, implementation and evaluation of programs that improve the quality, efficiency and safety of healthcare delivery. Through his clinical duties in the Screening and Acute Care Clinic at UCSF, Dr. Gonzales has established a clinical program that complements his research program, which aims to improve the quality and value of care in acute care settings. Dr. Gonzales and his colleagues have developed and tested patient-facing computerized applications to improve the appropriate prescribing of antibiotics, expedite care for women with uncomplicated urinary tract infections and facilitate provision of preventive health services such as cancer screening, chlamydia screening and tobacco cessation counseling.

“Through my research and medical career, I have worked to find ways of improving the healthcare experience for both patients and clinicians,” says Dr. Gonzales. “Phreesia is focused on improving clinical workflow, facilitating high-quality care and expediting the patient encounter, so this is a natural fit. I am excited to serve as an advisor to future product development and growth.”

Dr. Gonzales’ experience and outlook on ways to improve healthcare delivery complement Phreesia’s value propositions and plans for expansion. Used by millions of patients every year, Phreesia is an optimal platform for engaging patients in their own healthcare. Through a comprehensive range of administrative, clinical and payment services, Phreesia helps practices increase cash flow and save staff time. It also expedites the patient experience by administering “smart” patient interviews and relevant clinical assessments and screenings. By digitizing the time- and labor-intensive administration process, the solution eliminates hours of staff time each week and, by ensuring that all relevant patients are thoroughly screened, it helps clinicians improve early detection rates and disease management.

Phreesia is leveraging Dr. Gonzales’ expertise as it develops new and innovative ways to broaden its clinical footprint. Says Phreesia CEO Chaim Indig, “As we continue to improve the check-in experience for all stakeholders—patients, practice staff, clinicians—we are constantly looking for new ways to expand our clinical offerings. Dr. Gonzales, who stands at the forefront of patient engagement at UCSF, is truly an invaluable asset to our team.”

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